LINE HiddenCatch guide and Sample Pictures

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LINE HiddenCatch Introduction Guide 

Simply compare between two pictures and touch the differences !!!
Using LINE Characters into spot the difference game !!

HiddenCatch Features !

- Spot the differences in the pictures.
- Challenge with your LINE friends.
- Make Combo to get more scores, bonus coin will show up randomly !!
- Giving hearts to your friends, send everyday and enjoy your HiddenCatch everyday.

How to play !!?

1. Compare the two pictures & touch the spot that is different from each other. Each picture have total 5 different spots.
2. There is a time penalty for tapping the incorrect spot. You have 60 seconds to find 5 spots.
3. You can link combo by finding the next spot before the "Combo gauge" runs out. 
4. You can earn game coins during the Bonus stage.
5. When you are having difficulties or running out of time, you can get help from game items. You can buy these items from the store.
6. You need 1 Heart to play A Game, is refilled every 10 minutes.
7. You can send A Heart to your LINE friends per hour.
8. Another way to earn Heart is inviting your friends to the game.
9. New packs of pictures can be purchased from the store, some can download for free.


Pictures Packs 

At present ( Feb 28,2013 ) ,LINE provides 5 Packs of Free Pictures for LINE Player and 3 Packs for purchasing. 
15 Gems is required to unlock Picture Pack.

Item, Heart, Coin and Gem Price !

Bonus Stage !!

Get more coins, more Combo chain - more Bonus stage.

Challenge with your friends to get Free Heart !!

Sample Pictures Packs

Food Travel Pack - See all
Line Friends ( Doll1 ) Pack - See all
Line Friends ( Photo Toon 1 ) Pack - See all 

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