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Line Company updates the new games again !! who is the one who remembers it, as I used to play in Facebook, open a restaurant called Restaurant City even leave it open a green screen), now back to my destination, they leave open the phone again. Coffee with a neat game called "LINE I LOVE COFFEE" to load it to play it.

Comes to choose the gender, hairstyle and dress ourselves as usual. If it's a lazy random by dice it XD.

Here is a picture showing the size of our coffee. We have been acting as Manager benevolent old man opened it

I will explain all the icon to understand well

1. The top left corner with the number 55 is a score of shop decoration.
 The more you decorate the more you gain to it. Perhaps I need to add more to the quest some quest with  
2. The star is the EXP. 
3. Bean is the coffee seed that we have. Coffee beans used to make the formula not equal it.
4. 4 images Rams at left is the quest that we hold.  
5. Shadow is a female and has the positive things of us. Able to visit them.  
6. Right on the money we have.  
7. Green money is not in cash games. Purchased by money buy in the real world.  
8. Bottom right is a home when we went to visit a friend. Back to shop through this icon. has observed the Street Charm replies. 

This will let us do quests. We like to talk to people who have passed through the shop. Inviting store like this, but I really did not invite me. Is another way to get money into our pockets separately.

How to play Street Charm LINE I LOVE COFFEE.
1. Would have two conversations for us to talk to him. Do select one.
2. If options were to talk to (I chose it because it was $ 50).
3. The wrong choice (not like me) would end the conversation immediately. To talk to anyone else (it was $ 10).
4. If you were talking to me. More sensitive for good. 
  5. Has noted that perhaps the question that was asked about sex, He's a male and the con will ask about high heels or something else. Then select another. :>

 Example 1

 If Hmm.. is shown up ! you can know that you chose the wrong one.

 Example 2
Correct one

Please notice the upper conversation, how come!!!?

Get 50 coins, if you can make it all correct !

When your level is up. All staffs energy will increase too.

Typical playing time. Games will introduce us to buy coffee beans. I make coffee and a Sidedish (genus sandwich cake) with coffee, but before that we do sell them. To learn the recipe before it. It's fun here climbers! We see better.

It's time that we need a new coffee! If asked whether the new formula and why? At our coffee before the Level 2 or on the basis of it. We can see that when we push the formula. Or it can be accelerated using Cash buy out (c green. Sure enough, right on the corner).

Here's a sample recipe for Caramel double shot learning, we can read the leaves at the top and follow it.

It is advisable Glass Double Espresso.

Drag 2 shots of Coffee into the cup on the left.

When it's finished, press NEXT.

Look for a glass of milk. Then dip ahead. But if the back of the game, will have many to choose from that milk. If I can not find that page, scroll the screen.

Steam the milk to the desired temperature. A hint to the number 70, press Start to start it.

Try to hit as close as possible. Try practicing them because in the future there will be a Test star of coffee to the recipe too.

  Pour the milk. By tilting your phone itself.

Sugar interface. There are a variety to choose from. Of a hint, press 3, press 3 times or more is prohibited.

Next is Wipped cream !!!

 After putting sugar into whipped cream that many people like to put a picture together of Low-Fat.

Finally, pour the powder sprinkled. Pour caramel into it. ( Of course. it's Double shot caramel!).

Nothing just drag it over the bottle to the glass. Shall be completed!

I have another new recipe !! XD ~.

Each recipe is different coffee beans. Not get the same amount for the same sale as well.

Sample pictures of Quests

What do we get from doing quest?
1. Exp
2. Money ^^
3. More joyful when playing

Title quest is Decoration King will be your store. To increase access to, the more I question all the time with friends and more exclamation marks.

Title quest is The road to being a barista. Great to give up coffee, selling coffee by the number and Great volume made up my coffee

Title quest is World of sidedishes. Quest storyline forced to drag employees to increase energy (do not remember how to stab the staff hold a first Davis dragging, but have dipped batting I), and the request to a friend, but this command is sent. LINE Chat to me. 


  From the picture, the latter will have to give us more than making coffee. The glass on the table. Store shelves. Arrange chairs to seat guests.


If we have to sell Sidedish Dose Level it up by automating it. Unlike coffee recipe altogether than to have 1 Level up to the paper to write because I can not remember all of the ingredient !


We will have to get the test. Remember to have all this. If passed, it would have our coffee up to Level, but if not, it could be a new test. However, over a long period of time to test it. Recommended to take the paper is very good :) (I see this long. I will remember it in front!).

Trying to make a formula that defined it. But not from me too ^ ^.
I'm still try to play it, this's really fun as well.

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  1. How to tap on coffee roaster in friend's cafe???

    1. jus go to friends' cafe and tap on it however it has to being roated when you're going to tap on it.

  2. How do I get "I love coffee" friends? I am stuck at 2/3

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  7. How to tap on coffee roaster in friend's cafe???

    ทำยังไงนะ งง

  8. คำตอบ
    1. move your staff by tap and hold them to the other place. the energy will be recovery by 5%

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